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10 breaths…to balance


What do these photos have to do with breath or balance? Well, how many people do you know make time for a weekly workout with no one to watch their two year old? Not many. This is a literal picture of how our lives pull us in every direction. If we allow it all the time, though, it eventually cracks our foundation.

It only takes a little bit of reasonable consciousness to fight against our environment destroying our minds and bodies. An easy place to start is with occasional conscious breathing every day…attainable goal: 10 breaths every day like this…


Throughout the course of the day, not all at once, take 10 slow, deep inhales through your nose that you envision opening up your shoulder blades, then spreading out your rib cage, then creating space between the muscles between your low spine. Exhale while forcing air slowly out of pursed lips contracting your abdominals.

If you forget by the end of the day, take them all in bed and just keep trying to do better the next day.


Can be done by anyone doing most anything. You will succeed at this goal.

You’ll picture your spine ten times a day. Your muscles around and in between ten times a day. You will notice the first sign of stresses around shoulders, hips and spine ten times a day. You will get an internal torso stretch, where most of your major organs reside, ten times a day. My favorite…you will take the stress out of the back and transfer to the abdominals ten times a day.

You’ll not only identify stress patterns in your life. You will handle them better physically and mentally. Also, all that abdominal contracting and spine stretching every day will turn you into someone who wants to take care of your core despite your stressful environment…like Sandra…who will take her head out of alignment to give her son a reassuring glance…now that’s balance.

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