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About René Cahill



René Cahill is a nationally recognized, certified Pilates instructor and fitness trainer since 2004. Having a passion for teaching busy, working professionals, with varying orthopedic injuries, she’s developed a “safety first” mat class. Every move in her method fatigues a muscle group. Every move works towards a more balanced body. The goal is not ever perfection, but progression.  Compassion, empathy, and respect are valued in this method. People of all fitness levels can practice healthy movement for life, and enjoy it every day.

Throughout the years, it’s been evident that her clients need extra motivation to apply these principles in everyday movements. Gravity and stressors don’t let up on our bodies. We cannot let up either. Believing it really only takes minimal and pleasurable effort to accomplish this, she designed The 10 Times a Day Technique. It’s her practical way for everyone to practice healthy posture and body awareness, without sacrificing anything in our demanding schedules. It’s her hope all who apply the practices on this site put in the small effort to receive the large benefits.


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  1. Lynethe Solano-Vazquez

    Awesome site! Super helpful tips!


      Thank you Lynette! I hope to keep it helpful and motivating. Hope applying these tips will be enjoyable for you

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