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Win the War With Neck Pain: daily awareness

Lynh's victory over head magnets

Lynh’s victory over head magnets

Dear Head Magnets, “This means war!” Love, Me. This is the love letter we want to send to head magnets…head magnets?? Yes, our beloved hand held devices, monitors, even books that magnetically and unconsciously lure our trusting heads towards them, crunching our shoulders to our ears with their insidious, irresistible powers; destroying our spine.  Lynh’s head magnet is one of the tiniest of artist’s canvasses, the human nail, relentlessly pulling her forward and down all day.  A skilled artist she is, but rest assured, she is skilled at battle, too. Just look at her. This is an easy war to win, we just start by winning 10 small, brief battles a day.


Put our head in place consciously 10 times a day…(Just add this to the Ten breaths a day that are so easy to master). Now take a deep breath and focus on picturing the vertebrae in the neck. We have 7 in a healthy, natural curve pictured here. Picture this in your body, picture the muscles around them. Stretch the crown of your head to the ceiling and bring shoulder blades way back and way down your back with that deep inhale. Identify when your spending time with a magnet 10 times a day, and do this. That’s it. Battle won. Tip: Going downstairs is a sneaky one. When I put my head in place and lead through my center instead, I feel like superwoman for a cool moment! Power.


I think this is easier to remember than the 10 breaths, because it feels soooooo right! The body loves it. Why? When you put your head in the rightful position it weighs about 12 pounds. Extending it just a couple inches forward can bring it to a whopping 42 pounds, yes, 42 pounds of misplaced pressure on your spine. Now, think of someone you know in their 80s with the worst spine you’ve seen. Got it. Ok, now remind yourself they didn’t have any gadgets and monitors, and they got that bad! Sobering, I know. I hope so. I hate to see anyone with this largely preventable condition of tiny fractures, forcing that head and spine forward for life.

Lynh has no neck pain or shoulder pain just by remembering to get in the pictured postures, more and more. No one can stay there all the time, but your body will veer here unconsciously more often, and away from the magnets. Start with your Ten a day. A war is won by many battles. So remember, it’s ok to lose some battles, and still win. Just try to win more everyday.

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