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Ten Times a Day


This is one of the best illustrations I’ve ever seen to apply to how achieving fitness goals can feel and be perceived, as opposed to what they actually are. In my experience, I’ve found that suggesting that working professionals with busy family lives do something for fitness EVERY DAY can be unrealistic. Many people fall into the “all or nothing” mentality, forget for two days, then give up entirely. I hate that! We have to stop demanding perfection, and ONLY focus on progression…which clearly still exists, even if you miss two days.

My Ten Times A Day technique is my reasonable suggestion to get people on a road to balance, and staying there. It’s based on the fact that many busy people won’t even stop and do something for themselves for a whole minute every day. I’ve really seen that’s a fact! Some suggest we shoud stop and take ten breaths all at once a day. It doesn’t seem like the average person will stick to that goal, though. It’s just too long to stop and commit to every day for many. An attainable goal was in order.

We can all do something for 5 seconds. Especially if you can do it without stopping what your doing. All of my Ten Times a Day practices are of this nature. They are things we can do: a thoughtful stretch, breath, relaxation technique etc. to take stress gathering in our bodies making us imbalanced, older, and uglier and put it in useful places making us healthier and more attractive every time we do it. It’s a no-brainer, we take five seconds, we will succeed…

…eventually we will do them without even thinking at all. The real goal. Your body will naturally enjoy those moments. And we can lose the ten times idea. Truly being on the road to balance and NOT veering off. Success.

Keep your eye on my HomePage blogs for detailed descriptions and encouragement, as I will be trickling out suggestions at a pace geared for your mastery of them!

2 comments on “Ten Times a Day

  1. Miguel Ascencio

    Excellent idea, i never thought of that thanks ????


      Thank you Miguel. Thanks for reading and I hope these tips help your fitness routine.

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